Ultrawave Guitar Multi FX Free Download

Turn your computer into a powerful guitar effects processor
If you want to sound like your favorite rock star, or just want to make your guitar playing more exciting then you need effects.

Our award winning guitar effects processor has 21 professional guitar effects, and has over 100 effects knobs, which gives you more control over your sound, allowing you to be more creative and expressive in your music Use it to practice with at home, or on the road, or live on stage!.
Ultrawave Guitar Multi Fx is excellent value for money, and can create some very interesting and powerful sounds. Buy, download and install our guitar software, and start using it within minutes of buying it. You can also have a backup CD sent to you in the post for an addition charge. Updates will be sent to you free of charge.

  1. 21 professional guitar effects
  2. 28 cool effect presets
  3. Load and Save your own presets
  4. 12 Stage virtual analogue Phaser
  5. Multiband Distortion
  6. Multiband Echo (Spectral Delay)
  7. Guitar Synthesizer
  8. Guitar Tuner
  9. 60 band Spectrum Analyser (Virtual Analogue)
  10. Wave Recorder / Player
  11. 32 bit floating point DSP
  12. ASIO (TM) v2 is supported for very low latency audio
Effects list:
  1. Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Quad
  2. Echo, Reverb, Multi Tap Echo, Multiband Echo
  3. Multiband Distortion, Multiband Fuzz, Distortion
  4. Vibrato, Tremelo
  5. Guitar Synthesizer
  6. Wah, Equaliser, Filters, Pre EQ, Post EQ
  7. Ring Modulator, Noise Gate

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